Przykładowa rozmowa z odgrywaniem roli

Ikona obiektów Przykładowa rozmowa z odgrywaniem roli
Chmurka: Czas i miejsce.
Zdający: I would like to take part in marathon. One of my colleague told me that he took part in road races in Poland and it was a fantastic experience. He said that they were organized in many cities. Could you tell me where I can join the competition?
Egzaminujący: The most famous road races are organized in Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw. Those are annual events.
Zdający: I would also like to know when they are organized.
Egzaminujący: The race in Poznan usually takes place in October and races in Warsaw and Wroclaw take place in September.
Zdający: Oh, I see. I think that October is the only time when my friend can take a few days off work because in September he has a lot of important business meetings.
Egzaminujący: So we will see each other in Poznan.

Chmurka: Badania lekarskie.
Zdający: Do we have to have a medical certificate to prove that we are healthy and we can join the race?
Egzaminujący: You have to show a certificate that you have no heart problems.
Zdający: Ok. I will go to the doctor to check if everything is ok.

Chmurka: Wpisowe.
: What about signing for the race. Are we obliged to pay registration fee?
Egzaminujący: Yes there is a registration fee but it is only 50 zloty.
Zdający: That’s not much. I can afford it.

Chmurka: Nagrody.
Egzaminujący: It’s worth trying. You can win a lot of money or be satisfied that you have finished the race.
Zdający: I can’t imagine me as a winner of the marathon but I would like to know what the main prize is?
Egzaminujący: If you win the race you will receive 10000 zloty.
Zdający: That’s a huge amount of money but I’m sure I won’t win.
Egzaminujący: Don’t worry. There are nice presents for all participants.
Zdający: Really? What can I get for being the last?
Egzaminujący: All participants receive T-shirts and sport bags.
Zdający: That’s a pleasant souvenir.